A Good Financial Plan Consists of --- BEGINNING WITH A PLAN!

Where do you get started?

  1. What are your personal goals; short and long term
  2. What are your financial goals
  3. Write down your goals and how you plan to achieve them
  4. What is your current financial status

A good financial strategy consists of several components:

  • Budgeting and taxes
  • Managing financial risk
  • Investing (wealth accumulation)
  • Saving (cash liquidity)
  • Planning for Retirement

Some people engage the services of a Certified Financial Planner who guides them toward achieving their short and long term financial goals. Understanding your financial security will help you make responsible and informed decisions and attain a more joyous life. You can learn more about financial planning and investment strategies on the Johns Hopkins Federal Credit Union Financial Resource Center webpage .

If you have a question or need guidance to get you started, you can contact GreenPath Financial , one of the JHFCU financial wellness partners who can provide counseling via telephone or live chat—Credit Union membership not required.

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